Nicaragua Absconded:What a long strange trip it’s been….and I don’t even like the Grateful Dead!

Greg Chrisman June 14, 2017 0



In December 2012 I left San Diego California aboard my 36 foot sailboat named “Escape”.  I arrived on the shores of Nicaragua a month later to start a  new chapter…a chapter I have yet to finish.  The story so far has led me through a few phases where I find myself now “Married With Children” living in Nicaragua and running my own business, a small beach hotel called Sirena Surf Lodge.  This is my story.

The plan is for this to be the first in a long line of daily blogs aimed at capturing, with words and photos my daily life in Nicaragua.  A life improved over my former one.  A life devoid of time clocks, cubicles, credit cards and the everpresent bills that accompany them.  Lumberg can’t find me here to tell me I have to come in on Saturday, but my wife can find me to tell me the septic tank is full and needs to be emptied.  My plan was to purge- no more CNN, Kardashian’s, NFL, CIA, FOX, DEA, or any other Acronym… I have been unsuccesful in that.  MINSA (Ministerio de Salud, or “the health department”) wants to inspect my property on a regular basis…probably because I give them good coffee and sodas when they come.  My plan was to replace  7-eleven coffee and slurpees with fresh coconut water and home roasted Nicaraguan coffee cooked over an open fire.  I now get my Nicaraguan coffee out of a bag of ground coffee that I bought at Costco and I make the coffee in an Oster 12 cup coffee maker.  Pipas, or fresh cocounuts are in abundance…and I can usually find a kid nimble enough to climb a tree and get me some.  But most often I use my nutri-bullet to make fresh pineapple and papaya smoothies instead.  I only get pipas to show off to guests…that we have pipas;-) I still drink coke, but at least I don’t sniff it.  Although sniffing coke down here might be less expensive than drinking coke…as in Coca Cola which still tastes good unfortunately.

The bottom line is I was only partially successful in compeletely dropping off the grid.  I find myself on the margins.  Scared away from the life I once had, but not willing to go Colonel Kurtz in the Nicaraguan jungle.  I envisioned a life with no paper trail, but I have bills again and a paper trail and I often wander my property looking for a better signal as I try to make phone calls in an effort to help my business succeed.  I’m not that much different than the guy in the cubicle who comes for a week at a time to taste what I have… wait, yes I am…

The truth is I never worked in a cubicle, but I think I can safely say I never will.  I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!