Playa Miramar: It’s The Place To Be

kharron February 7, 2017 0


You will get more waves surfing in our region, the Central region of Nicaragua, than anywhere else in Central America.  From the window next to the bed, you will be able to see perfect warm water barrels, often with nobody out.  Yes Popoyo is good and so is Colorados, when it’s not closing out.  Picture this however, it’s pre-dawn and after walking or driving to Popoyo you are waiting for enough light to paddle out…with 22 other surfers.  You thought you would get an early jump on the crowds, but the crowd thought the same thing.  Colorados can often be a nightmare because of the local crowd that owns the lineup. In Miramar we don’t have that problem…the crowds are a rare thing and usually it’s a bunch of friends with a good vibe when there is more than 10 guys…which is rare.  We have offshore winds almost as much as down South, we have a fraction of the crowds, we’re faster and easier to get to with a perfect highway the entire trip, we cost less and we’re closer to the nightlife of Leon than Popoyo is to the nightlife of San Juan Del Sur.  We also have Puerto Sandino, the best wave in Nicaragua, as well as a dozen other spots all equally as good or better than the spots down south and often with zero other surfers.

Do yourself a favor and book now…you will get more waves and you will have more fun than anywhere else in Nicaragua.