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Parque Central Miramar 100 Metros al Norte

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Sirena Surf Lodge

Best Uncrowded waves in Nicaragua...your own personal surfing paradise!

Best Uncrowded waves in Nicaragua...your own personal surfing paradise!

Best Uncrowded waves in Nicaragua...your own personal surfing paradise! Best Uncrowded waves in Nicaragua...your own personal surfing paradise!

All of our beach front rooms are mere steps to the waves of Punta Miramar-Puerto Sandino (above) is a short boat ride away.  


Welcome to poor man's indo'!

There's much to see here, but most people travel to Sirena Surf Lodge in Playa Miramar Nicaragua to surf the best wave in Nicaragua- Puerto Sandino.  La Barra as we call it, is a sand bottomed point that resembles perfect Indonesian waves, minus the razor sharp reefs or traveling half way around the world.  Our boat waits for you in the channel, where rest and shade are available during your session.  Often breaking for 3-5 hours on the incoming tide in waist high to double overhead surf, there is plenty of opportunity to get your fill.  Much more productive than surfing in the southern zones of Nicaragua, you can forget about Popoyo, Colorados, or Santana...Puerto Sandino is the best wave in Nicaragua!

Our All Inclusive Packages

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About Us


Dinner hour brings all together to discuss the days waves and the next days plans

Our kitchen produces 3 homestyle meals per day and you can eat with us or eat at one of the other restaurants in town.  We love to cook for you, but we encourage supporting the local comedors as well!  Need a snack...we've got them, or ask Goyo if he'll make you a peanut butter/banana smoothie!


social hour on the terrace starts every morning with a surf check and strong coffee.

With good wifi and a beach with great waves out front ,most surfers aren't wanting for much more.  We've got a fridge stocked with cold Toña's, fat tire beach bikes you can borrow to explore around, a large selection of rental boards, games, cards, hammocks and plenty of shade from the tropical sun.  It's a perfect place to get your surf on and then get your nap on after!


Front row for the afternoon show

We have 8 rooms with a variety of prices and configurations.  Prices range from $25 for one person in a small room up to $55 for one person in an air conditioned suite with private bath and beach front terrace.  All are comfortable, it's up to you which room is best for you!  We offer long term discounts and all inclusive packages as well.

the surf

Punta Miramar


Punta Miramar is a punchy little barrel located directly in front of the lodge.  It's the most consistent wave in the region and has something to surf every day.  It likes a medium full to full tide and not too big of a swell.

Miramar Outer Reef


Also directly in front of the hotel, but about 120 meters farther out, this outer reef is a hollow, slabbing, no nonsense wave that only breaks when the swells get a little bigger.  It's definitely a good place to get barrels, bring your step up.  Likes low tide until it get's really big, then it likes medium to high tide.

Pipes/El Ranchon


Pipes is the second most consistent wave in the region and has lefts and rights breaking over a slabby reef that you would think is a beach break.  Mid Tide is usually best.



Probably the best shaped wave when it's working, but also the most fickle to get just right.  It's located about 500 meters south of the lodge and just north of Shifties.  It likes a medium to medium high tide before the backwash starts. Try to stay out when the tide is too low and you'll find out why it's a bad idea.



It's called Shifties for a reason and it breaks all over the place in a short section of beach.  Rights, lefts, ramps, barres, it's got a little bit of everything.  It's best on medium high to high tide.

Puerto Sandino


Queen of the coast and arguably the best wave in Nicaragua, La Barra at Puerto Sandino, is a sand bottomed point just outside the river mouth 3km north of the hotel.  Surfing there is best done by boat and it can break left and right.  It's a perfect, but challenging wave.  It works on an incoming tide, but it can vary on wether it's better at low or medium tide.  Boats leave the hotel every day with a guide to get you surfing the best waves Nicaragua has to offer. Cheap hotels don't get any better access to world class waves.

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Lowest Price Guaranteed!-

We're happy to keep our pricing competetive...if you send us your quote from one of our local competitors in the area, we will beat their quote by 10%! Applies to like accommodations and group numbers, room only or all inclusive packages...just let us know!

Video- Unforgettably Fun

Life at the lodge is as it should be, a daily replay of perfection.  It's bound to leave you with memories of how fun a surf trip is supposed to be.

Video- Take Your Protein Pill

Ready to blast off ?  Take your protein pill and put your helmet on, we're stepping through the door into the world of Sirena Surf Lodge!

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